Access to Symposion

Symposion is the hall for conferences, which is located in Higashiyama campus of Nagoya University just behind the Toyoda Auditorium. Higashiyama campus is situated in the east part of Nagoya city. The nearest subway station is "Motoyama"

How to Access to Symposion

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(Fig.1) Nagoya City Subway Map
Subway Map
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(Table 1) Subway First and Final Time
Nagoya ->Motoyama Motoyama ->Nagoya
5:38 -> 5:52 5:33 -> 5:48
5:46 -> 6:00 5:40 -> 5:55
: :
23:56 -> 0:11 23:51 -> 0:06
0:07 -> 0:25 0:01 -> 0:20

(Fig. 2) Map from Motoyama Subway station to Symposion
Take the Higashiyama Subway Line to the Motoyama Station. (Use exit 3 or 4.)

Catch a bus at Motoyama for Shimada Jutaku, Hirabari Jutaku, or Nagoya Daigaku. Get off at Nagoya Daigaku Mae. (\200/each way)

It is about a 15minute walk from Motoyama Station. (the distance from Motoyama Station to Nagoya University, Although it is only 1.2km the walk is uphill.)


Higashiyama Campus Building Layout

Another Map and Information

Nagoya Univ. Higashiyama Campus
 Higashiyama Campus Map