Traffic and Granular Flow '01

October 15-17, 2001, Symposion, Nagoya University, Japan

List of Invited Talks

S. Havlin A 'Generalized Fundamental Diagram' for traffic and possible applications
H. Hayakawa Granular Micropolar Fluid Mechanics
D. Helbing Dynamical Phenomena in Pedestrian and Freeway Traffic: Observations and Theory
R.G. Herrtwich Cooperative Driving: Taking Telematics to the Next Level
Y. Honda Phase transition of three-directional traffic-flow on 2D network
B.S. Kerner Three-Phase-Traffic-Flow-Theory
M. Kikuchi to be announced
D. Kim Continuum Traffic Equations from Microscopic Car-Following Models
M. Koshi An Interpretation of a Traffic Engineer on Vehicular Traffic Flow
P.L. Krapivsky Aggregation and Fragmentation in Traffic and Internet
M. Matsushita Dynamics and Structure of Granular Flow through a Vertical Pipe
K. Nagel Absolutely stable high-flow states in stochastic car-following models
A. Nakayama Optimal Velocity Model and its Applications
K. Nishinari Euler and Lagrange representation of traffic models
Y. Noguchi ITS and the Revolution of Automobiles
T. Ohira Stochastic Resonance toward Traffic Models
H. Ozaki Modeling of Vehicular Behavior from Traffic Engineering Perspectives
A. Schadschneider Bionics-inspired cellular automaton model for pedestrian dynamics
S.-i. Tadaki Congestion Induced by Bottlenecks in Two-lane Optimal Velocity Traffic Flow Model
B.H. Wang Spacing-Oriented Analytical Approach To A Middle Traffic Flow CA Model Between FI-Type And NS-Type
S. Yukawa Observational Aspects of Japanese Highway Traffic
C. Demir Modellling the Impact of ACC-Systems on the Traffic Flow at Macroscopic Level (presented by B.S.Kerner)
M. Takayasu Critical Phenomena in Internet Traffic
Pik-Yin Lai Avalanches and Flow Dynamics of a Collapsing Granular Pile
Byungnam Kahng Universal behavior of load distribution in scale-free networks

List of Poster Contributions

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