Information for Speakers/Authors

Audiovisual Equipment

The meeting room will be equipped by two overhead projectors, a computer data projector, and a microphone. A laptop computer (Microsoft Windows Me + PowerPoint2000) will be prepared for the presentation. Speakers can use the following media to bring their data files: floppy disk, CD/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD media, PCMCIA disk/memory card. Speakers who want to use their own computer are advised to bring VGA cable for their computer. Please note that only "mini D-SUB15P" connectors (as for the most desktop computers) can be used to connect to the projector. The maxmum resolution of the projector is XGA (1024x768).

*** Speakers are advised to bring back-up transparencies ***

As for the video system, please consult TGF01 office.


The poster session will be held on 16th (Tue) PM 3:10-PM 6:00. However the poster rooms will be available from 15th (Mon) morning to 17th (Wed) afternoon.

For poster sessions, each author is provided a 0.9m(width) x 2.1m(height) bulletin board on which to display a summary of the paper. Authors must remain in the vicinity of the bulletin board for the duration of the session to answer questions of attendees.


Network Service

At the conference lobby, participants can use:


Please note the supply voltage of the electric power is AC100V (60Hz). Participants who want to use their own computer or other electric devices are advised to bring plug adapters.

Last updated: Sep.21 2001